About me

My name is Mia,

   I’m just an average teenager. I love coffee, nature and, brown eyes. I like reading, and quiet afternoons but it’s also fun have crazy nights with friends. I live in a veryy small town in Canada, where everyone seems to be the same but I try to live life with an open mind. Someday I hope to radiate happiness, and love. I’m really trying to be more positive with my life. I have dreams just like everyone else. I want to travel the world and never stay in one place.  I want to see things that are so incredible you can’t even explain it. I want to see beauty in the world that you can’t define. I want to meet people in far away places with different perceptions of the world. I want to learn something from everyone I meet and always carry a part of them with me. I want  I will accept my imperfections. I’m going to having crazy adventures that I can tell my grand kids someday.

and, this is my blog. Follow if you want. :)

Places I will travel to:












-New Zealand 



Places I have been:


-Porto Rico

-Grand Turk